We offer a complete tax return service for individuals.

Whether you are students, employees, retirees, self-employed or income property owners, your satisfaction is our priority. We will help you maximize your tax return according to your situation and we will recover all the tax credits to which you are entitled for you.

Our service offering is focused on total quality.

  • Professional tax advice and services for individuals, the self-employed and owners of income properties.
  • Calculations of the GST refund, the solidarity tax credit and all other sources of allowances.


  • Retired / Social Assistance Income 40.00 $
  • Student ** 55.00 $
  • Individual 75.00 $
  • Family 155.00 $
  • Self-employed *** starting at 200.00 $
  • Rental income *** starting at 150.00 $
  • ** Maximum income for a student $20,000
  • *** Income and expenses must be accounted for. If not, additional fees will apply